FAQs for Predesigned Websites

Q. What is included in the package?

A. TrafficBeetle will:

Install wordpress (if it’s not yet installed)
We install the genesis framework and your selected theme.
We configure the theme to make it look like what you see in the screenshot on viewwebsiteexamples.com (the bare and untouched installation of the theme looks way different).

If you have a logo, you can send it to us, and we will place it on your website. It would help if you logo is in .PNG format and has a transparent background.

If you have blog post materials such as articles and images, please send them over (up to 10 articles), and we will place them on the site for you. If your chosen theme has a slider, then we would ask you for the images and we will place them for you as well.

In other words, the actual website content will be supplied by you, and we will place them on site for you, and we make it look like what’s on the screenshot in terms of having the same layout. We usually ask if you want the material to be placed on a blog post or a static page.

If you need additional customization, such as installing live chat, or installing and configuring contact forms, or changing the layout altogether or changing colors (to a color not available in the default color options for the theme) and style or certain elements of the theme, this is covered by our Website Development Service packages.

Q. What is Genesis?

A. Genesis is a very efficient WordPress Framework. It supports multiple customization features that allows us to create a wide range of possibilities in creating websites.

Q. What is a Multisite?

A. In WordPress, a multisite network refers to a collection of sites that share the same WordPress installation. We can think of them as virtual sites sharing the same framework, which in turn will share the same plugins and themes. They do not have their own directories on your server, although they do have separate directories for media uploads within the shared installation, and they do have separate tables in the database. Multisite’s can be created by registered users of the main site, or by administrator only.

Q. Do you work on Multisites?

A. No, we only work on stand-alone WordPress websites.

Q. Why do I need to supply my CPANEL login credential or WPADMIN access to you?

A. Developers need your WP-Admin or your WordPress Dashboard to work on customizing your website. Most of the customization tasks for a website are fixed on the dashboard. When we are working with hosting tasks, configuration are mostly done through the CPanel. Your CPanel account is also used for website backups and migrations.

Q. Can I install the themes myself?

A. Yes you can, given that you are familiar with customizing WordPress and its elements and have basic knowledge in HTML, PHP and CSS. If not, that’s where we come in to help.

Q. When given tasks, will you be working directly on my site?

A. No we won’t. We have our own test servers where we create a copy of your current website. From there, we work on updates and coordinate with you personally. Once you are satisfied with the updates, we migrate all changes to your live website. We do this to avoid major errors and issues that might disrupt with your site’s current traffic.

Q. When I order a theme, can I have it customized with my preferences?

A. Yes you can. But be informed that the standard theme package we offer come with a specific scope and customization is not part of it. If you want to customize your theme, you need to purchase our hourly package for that.

Q. Do you work on other frameworks aside from Genesis?

A. Currently, we are only working with the Genesis framework. We accept tasks using other frameworks, given that we agree on extra time for completion since we have to do extra research for we are unfamiliar with the given framework.

Q. Is it okay to have another team customize a theme or site that you created?

Yes it is possible, but it would take them longer to work on it since they are not the ones who developed the theme/site. They need to get familiar with the set of codes, from syntax to logic. To save time, we recommend that we work on these themes/sites.

Q. Will my website order expire? 

A. Your website order pack is valid up to 6 months. After that it will be archived. This will give you enough time to supply us with all the content and information needed.