FAQS for Authority Websites

Q. How long does it take to deliver the live website from the time we order?

A. Once we have your website questionnaire completed, it takes 2 – 4 weeks for your site to be fully completed.

Q. If I order, what’s the process to give you my content so you can add it for me?

A. We have a content questionnaire that points to every section of the site and asks you to provide content for the sections that can be changed.

Q.  Will my current website be available during my new website being built?

A. Yes. During the build out process, your original website will still be available. When your new site is ready, we will replace your original website with the new website.

Q. Can I use my domain name?

A. Yes. During the design process, your website will be viewable at our test domain. When your new site is ready, we will transfer your new site to your domain. Everything will be connected for you.

Q. Do I own the website?

A. Yes. You are free to do whatever you want with your website once it has been built.

Q. If I have blog content on my existing site, can your team transfer that to my new site?

A. Yes. Our developers will migrate your blog content to the new theme. There may be some formatting issues, but most of the time there’s no issue. They will also make sure they keep the URLs of your blog posts as is so we don’t create any broken page links. This is helpful if you have other people or paid ads being sent to your blog pages.

Q. Can you link the opt-in to my existing email marketing platform?

A. Yes, we ask you to provide that information in our questionnaire that you will be sent once you order.

Q. Can we have different colors on the website?

A. Yes, we ask you to provide that information in our questionnaire that you will be sent once you order.

Q. When will I be charged?

A. The full setup fee is charged the day you sign up for your website.

Q. Can I add or change content myself when the site is live?

A. Yes, of course.  If you get stuck just ask our friendly support team to quote you our support fee.  We are also happy to point you to some excellent tutorials.

Q. Can we add new pages ourselves when the site is live?

A. Yes. And again, we can give you links to some great tutorials if you need help with doing that.

Q. When my site goes live and I pay you to make revisions to it , will you be working directly on my live site?

A. No we won’t. We have our own test servers where we create a copy of your current website. From there, we work on updates and coordinate with you personally. Once you are satisfied with the updates, we migrate all changes to your live website. We do this to avoid major errors and issues that might disrupt with your site’s current traffic.

Q. Can you install live chat for me or any other plugins I may need now or in the future?

A. If you need additional customization, such as installing live chat, or installing and configuring contact forms and style or certain elements of the theme, this is covered by our Website Development Service packages.  Or, we can point out free resources to teach you how as well.

Q. Why do I need to supply my CPANEL login credential or WPADMIN access to you?

A. Developers need your WP-Admin or your WordPress Dashboard to work on customizing your website. Most of the customization tasks for a website are fixed on the dashboard. When we are working with hosting tasks, configuration are mostly done through the CPanel. Your CPanel account is also used for website backups and migrations.

Q. Can I install the themes myself?

A. Yes you can, given that you are familiar with customizing WordPress and its elements and have basic knowledge in HTML, PHP and CSS. If not, that’s where we come in to help.

Q. If I install the theme myself, am I allowed to install it again on another domain?

A. When you need to install the theme to a next domain you will need to order again from us. This is because we own the license to the Genesis framework and theme. However, you can purchase it directly from Genesis and install it yourself.   But you will need the coding skills to do the needed customization work.

Q. Are there any other fees?

A. No, unless you want us to do work beyond the original scope of work. If you do want to expand the scope, we are happy to give you a quote. You can also buy extra development hours from us in the future when there is a need.

Q. What if i don’t give you all the information you need?

A. Your website pack is valid up to 6 months from the time you pay. This will give you enough time to supply us with all the content and information needed. After that it will be archived.

Q. Do you offer a refund?

A. Yes, we offer refunds, especially if you decide you don’t want to proceed within 24 hours after ordering. Once you have ordered, and we have started work on your website, we can offer you a part refund based on how much work we have completed. We are fair and reasonable.