Authority Website Questionaire

  • You will have a new website very soon!

    But first we need some information from you. You will see the list of what we need from you below.

    You have 7 days to get the information to us. If you cannot make that deadline. Please let us know. Your order won't expire for 6 months, but really if you want to start earning money sooner, you need to get your info to us in a week.

    If you have any comments or questions, please let us know in the box below
  • Provide the control panel access info for your url.
    If you don't have a URL yet, I recommend using Namecheap.

    If you don't have a host for your site (the source of the control panel login info), I recommend the excellent If you need a more affordable hosting provider, check out hostgator.
    Control Panel URLUsernamePassword 
  • If so, please provide your WordPress username and password.
  • What is the general look and feel you want for your website?
    (Please have provide URLs of websites that have similar look and feel to what you are looking to emulate)

    Do you have a Wireframe idea for your preferred website layout (hand-drawn is ok)?

    Is there one of our customizable themes you want to use for your new website?
  • Please let us know the following, if applicable.

    - Section of the website that should be highlighted/draw attention

    - List and describe the items you would like to see on navigation menu bar.

    - What items to place on the sidebar of the homepage (if any)

    - Items to place on the sidebar of the other pages (if any)

    - Items to place on the footer (if any)
  • If so, please provide the itunes Graphic
    (Note: the itunes submission to be done by customer)
  • Please check below to tell us if you have (or will have) any of the items listed.

    We will place up to 10 posts/pages with up to 1 image each on your new site. We will also incorporate your logo, favicon, as well as your slider images, if your theme uses a slider.

    We will share a dropbox folder with you for your articles and images.
  • If so, please provide the optin form code from a provider such as Aweber, Infusionsoft, Office Auto Pilot, or others.
  • Please provide any social media profile links you want on your new website.
  • Please provide the Google Analytics code for us to install on your new website.

    If you don't know how to get your google analytics code, please email me, and I will send you a tutorial on how to get it.